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Who Is Real Estate Paper Pushers?

We are a company with a mission we hold dear: To help real estate professionals earn higher profits and minimize their workload through improved efficiency in transaction management. Real Estate Paper Pushers is a virtual real estate transaction management company dedicated to helping you maximize your time, grow your business, prepare paperwork, ensure you meet contingency deadlines and help you close transactions on time.

Our team of highly trained and experienced Transaction Coordinators focus exclusively on complete, accurate, on-time preparation of the paperwork required for a successful real estate closing. We take the responsibility for these tasks so you can focus on better serving your clients without worrying that you have missed a small detail somewhere.

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Our Transaction Coordinators CARE About Your Business!

Our Transaction Coordinators stay current with the latest changes and legal requirements in real estate. Regardless of how often new forms are added or forms are changed, you can trust that your transactions will always be in accordance with the purchase and sale agreement and applicable laws.

Real Estate Paper Pushers strives to be the best real estate transaction management company. Our goal is to help you improve your time management, increase sales, productivity, and grow your business. We will help you keep your clients happy while you spend more time doing what matters: making sales and reaching new contacts.

Our Transaction Coordinators are among the most reliable and highly motivated in the industry, with a dedication to making a difference for our clients. Contact us today with any questions or to see what Real Estate Paper Pushers can do for you.

Our Skills

ESCROW | Experience with all aspects
TITLE | We have worked with every title company there is
CLOSING | We don't get paid unless it closes
SUPPORT | Call, Email, Text.. we get the job done day or night

Writing Offers & Entering Listings in the MLS

about transaction coordinators Addition Services some of our transaction coordinators offer additional services such as writing offers for you while you are working with the clients. Provide the terms and condidtions you want in the offer and they will prepare it. Not all of our Transaction Coordinators offer this service and the ones that do charge an additional cost.
Entering Your Listing into the MLS. These are tasks that are not considered a part of the transaction coordinator's responsibilities. Some of our Transaction Coordinators will provide this service for an additonal fee. Please inquire if interested in learning more.

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